Affiliate Organizations

Apprise Health Insights

Apprise Health Insights is a subsidiary of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS).  Through our relationship with them, we are able to provide several health care reports to the public. As the data and information services subsidiary of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, Apprise is uniquely positioned to collect hospital and health system data, aggregate it, and provide the kind of meaningful analysis essential for informed decision-making.

For more information, visit Apprise Health Insights’ website.

Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute

The Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute's (OHWI) mission is to advance the development of a high-quality health care workforce in order to improve the health of every Oregonian. OHWI seeks to coordinate and advance a comprehensive statewide response to a growing health care workforce shortage. OHWI's focus includes accurate supply and demand data, educational program and clinical expansion, development of public policy, and connection of interested parties for problem solving, funding, and information sharing.

For more information, visit Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute’s website.

Oregon Hospital Political Action Committee

The Oregon Hospital Political Action Committee (OHPAC) is the political voice for Oregon hospitals and health systems, their employees, and the patients they serve. OHPAC’s mission is to help elected officials and candidates understand the importance of maintaining a strong community-based hospital and health system in Oregon. OHPAC seeks to foster a common understanding of the important roles Oregon hospitals and health systems play, both as community health advocates and as essential employers within the communities they serve. OHPAC members provide grassroots and financial help to legislative candidates and office holders who demonstrate a commitment to Oregon’s community hospitals and health systems.

For more information, visit OHPAC’s web page under the Advocacy section.

Oregon Association of Hospitals Research and Education Foundation

The Oregon Association of Hospitals Research and Education Foundation (OREF) is a nonprofit subsidiary of OAHHS. The purpose of OREF is to study health care-related activities, including quality patient care, operational efficiencies, cost containment, problems in rural areas, and alternative delivery methods for hospitals and related health care services. OREF also provides educational programs to individuals and institutional representatives in the areas of health care, administration, finance and service. In addition, the Foundation develops qualified financial resources to carry out related programs that assist OAHHS, its members, and the public.

Oregon Hospital Guide

This website is a repository of searchable and comparable hosptial data. Information featured on includes:

  • Contact information and direct links to hospital billing and financial assistance policies
  • Searchable quality of care data reported to the federal government.
  • Prices paid by insurers for the 50 most common inpatient prodecures and the 100 most common outpatient procedures.
  • Key indicators including operating margins, payer mix, and uncompensated care in percentage and dollars.
  • Key indicators for comparing one or more hospitals including:
    • Average length of stay, average daily census, occupancy rate, surgery mix, and FTEs per adjusted occupied bed.
    • Charity care as a percentage of total charges, total uncompensated care as a percentage of total charges, collected charges as a percent of total charges, operating margin, and total margin.
  • Prices paid by insurers for the 50 most common inpatient procedures and the 100 most common outpatient procedures.

Our Health Oregon

Our Health Oregon is the grassroots advocacy arm of OAHHS that seeks to foster healthy Oregon communities by advocating on behalf of those who receive, work for, and care about health care in Oregon. Our Health Oregon serves as a place to learn about significant issues affecting the health care system and provides tools for advocates to become a vibrant and effective voice for Oregon’s health. The goal is to build awareness about the vital contributions of health care providers and to be a platform for people who receive health care at the community level.

For more information, visit Our Health Oregon's website. Our Health Oregon can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.