Communities We Serve

Oregon has 59 community hospitals and three specialty hospitals located in 36 counties. They represent a mix of general (also called "acute care"), as well as pediatric, long-term care, and bahavioral health services. More than half of Oregon's hospitals are in rural areas. Not only are Oregon's community hospitals a source of healing for the sick, but they are also a significant source of family wage jobs, which help power the Oregon economy. In 2014 (the most recent data available), hospitals has 10.6 million outpatient visits, 1.34 million emergency room visits, delivered 44,254 babies, employed almost 60,000 people, and provided nearly one-quarter of the funds needed for the state's Medicaid program.

Patient Care

  • About 340,000 patients received inpatient care at acute care hospitals in 2014
  • More than 10.6 million patients received outpatient care in 2014
  • There were more than 1.34 million visits to hospital emergency departments
  • The top five reasons for hospital stays were:
    • Births
    • Knee joint replacements
    • Bloodstream infections
    • Mental health issues
    • Digestive disorders

Contributions to Oregon's Economy

During the last 3-5 years, health care employers in Oregon supported the economic engine in every community across the state.

  • Oregon hospitals employ approximately 58,308 people (full and part time) and make up 30% of the state's largest employers.
  • Of the state's 50 largest employers, Oregon hospitals comprise 15, providing family wage jobs.
  • Only six Oregon industries are listed in the top 10 of both the job growth and rapid growth fields. The three health care categories (ambulatory health care, hospitals and nursing and residential care) account for half of these industries.
  • When also accounting for hospital purchases of goods and services from other businesses, hospitals support one of every 10 jobs outside the hospital walls.

Community Benefit

Community benefits are health care-related services that Oregon's community hospitals provide, often with little or no compensation, to address the critical health needs of their communities. Hospitals spent more than $1.7 billion in community benefit and charity care in 2014. To learn more about hospitals' commitment to community benefit, click here.

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