President & CEO

As President & CEO of OAHHS, Andy Davidson works closely with local and national government leaders, business and citizen coalitions, and other professional health care organizations to enhance and promote community health and to continue improving Oregon’s innovative health care industry.

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Peggy Allen is responsible for the internal accounting and preparation of financial reports for OAHHS executive staff, the OAHHS Finance and Audit Committee, and the OAHHS Board of Trustees.

Associate Vice President of Government Affairs & Advocacy

Andi Easton heads the OAHHS Policy and Advocacy Team, and directs state and federal advocacy efforts to maximize community hospitals' influence on legislative issues that impact patient care and community health.

Lead Executive Assistant

Wendy Gale provides staff support to the President, Executive Vice President, and Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy.

Director of Rural Health & Program Management

Katie Harris leads the Rural Health Reform Initiative to support Oregon's small and rural hospitals. She also provides overall program management to a variety OAHHS projects and initiatives, including the the OAHHS strategic plan and the Oregon Research & Education Foundation.

Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy
(503) 479-6013

As Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Sean Kolmer leads in developing and deploying policies regarding hospital and health care transformation in Oregon. He leads the OAHHS policy team to guide the Association's advocacy efforts in Salem and Washington, D.C.

Director of Public Policy
(503) 479-6014

Danielle Meyer is a member of the OAHHS Policy and Advocacy Team. An integral part of her work pertains to state and national health care policy, Medicaid and Medicare, advocacy, community benefit, and health care reform.

Director of Public Policy
(503) 479-6009

As a Director of Public Policy, Rebecca Tiel is part of the policy and advocacy team. An integral part of her work pertains to state and national health care policy, Medicaid and Medicare, advocacy, community benefit, and health care reform.

Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

Philip Schmidt develops, coordinates, and implements strategic communications for OAHHS focused on the Association's proactive public policy agenda, quality and patient safety initiatives, and community outreach programs.

Executive Vice President

Andy Van Pelt is responsible for the day-to-day operations of OAHHS and helps staff the Rural Health Reform Initiative. He also oversees the operations of OAHHS' for-profit entity, Apprise Health Insights.

Director of Finance and Administration

Darcy Zanotti manages the financial and human resources aspects of OAHHS.

Communications Specialist

Jamie works closely with the office of Public Affairs to support, plan and implement communication strategies.

Director of Digital and External Communications

Kari manages the Association's digital and external communiations efforts. She uses digital and social media platforms to focus on community engagement, advocacy and public outreach.

Executive Assistant

Nancy supports the Association's Policy and Advocacy teams as well as the Public Affairs team.

Front Desk Coordinator