Showing Up is the Key to Our Success

by Andy Van Pelt, Executive Vice President

I had a teacher in high school that started every day with, “How do you plan to show up today?” It was a way to get us to quickly focus on the task at hand, but as an adult it has become a mantra for me about how can I make things better one day at a time. Being at the Association, and coming out of a challenging session for the industry, this question is even more relevant for me in my professional career. How are we going to show up as a hospital community? How are we going to be part of the solution? As we enter a short legislative session, we have another opportunity to show up.

Before that, however, I want to thank you for showing up around Measure 101. The hospital community did a great job in joining the “Yes for Healthcare” coalition that successfully told our story around why access and coverage is critical to Oregonians’ health. Our participation and leadership in the campaign was noticed in the Capitol and beyond.

Now as we move into this 35-day session, I encourage you to show up. Participate in policy conversations, engage your legislators, testify on an issue when invited, and provide feedback and insight to the Association. When we all decide to show up and make health care better for all Oregonians, our voice is unmatched. My team and I look forward to working with you all as we move through this short legislative session and beyond. And of course, we will continue to ask ourselves “How are we going to show up today?”


OAHHS Advocacy

Sean Kolmer
Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

Andi Easton
Associate Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy

Philip Schmidt
Associate Vice President for Public Affairs