Our Health Oregon

Our Health Oregon is a grassroots advocacy program of the Oregon Association of Hospitals & Health Systems (OAHHS). The goal of the program is to build awareness about the vital contributions of health care providers and to be a platform for people who receive health care at the community level. Although this is an advocacy program through OAHHS, our intent is to engage all Oregonians because health care extends beyond the hospitals walls.

Our Health Oregon seeks to foster healthy Oregon communities by advocating on behalf of those who receive, work for, and care about health care in Oregon. The program serves as a place to learn about significant issues affecting the health care system and will provide tools for advocates to become a vibrant and effective voice for Oregon’s health. By providing timely and accurate information on important health care topics and issues, together we will advocate for and create a stronger future for Oregon – a future that supports healthy communities. The following resources are made available on the website:

  • Information about current health care topics and issues and links to additional resources
  • Actions alerts for legislative proposals that impact health care in Oregon
  • Advocacy tools that anyone can use to get involved
  • News media updates surrounding Oregon’s health care system
  • Community health events calendar
  • Information about legislators

For more information, visit Our Health Oregon's website. Our Health Oregon can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

OAHHS Advocacy

Sean Kolmer
Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

Andi Easton
Associate Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy

Philip Schmidt
Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

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