Behavioral Health

The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) in collaboration with its members created and implemented the Inpatient Psychiatric Discharge Guidelines for patients hospitalized for mental health treatment. These guidelines incorporate related requirements applicable to all lay caregivers as well as clarifications regarding the disclosure of protected health information.

As a follow-up to the development and implementation of the Inpatient Psychiatric Discharge Guidelines, OAHHS in collaboration with NAMI, members and other stakeholders developed a Lay-Caregiver brochure. The brochure provides information on what to expect when a family member or friend is discharged from the hospital after receiving care for mental health. The brochure details what questions a patient, family member or lay caregiver can ask, helps to outline the role of the lay-caregiver, what to expect prior to discharge, and what to expect regarding transition, treatment and follow-up care.


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