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Compliance Advisory Committee (CAC)

The OAHHS Compliance Advisory Committee (CAC) provides a networking forum for health care compliance professionals. This group meets regularly to assist Oregon hospitals in understanding and meeting the expectations of those who pay for hospital services and those who regulate hospitals.

Specifically, the OAHHS CAC serves to:

  • Raise awareness and discussion of current and future changes to the health care regulatory landscape.
  • Advise OAHHS and providing feedback regarding the impact of proposed legislation and rulemaking.
  • Propose new and/or revised regulations or laws through OAHHS to lawmakers and rule makers.
  • Provide a forum for questions and discussion of best practices when putting new laws and regulations into effect.

Frequently Requested Documents

OAHHS Members: CAC File Library

If you are an Oregon hospital compliance professional, click here for our CAC File Library.

For more information about the OAHHS CAC, contact Danielle Meyer, director of public policy, at