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The Oregon Nurse Staffing Collaborative

The Oregon nurse staffing law was created to ensure that every Oregonian receives safe nursing care through appropriate nurse staffing levels when hospitalized in an acute care hospital. The Oregon Nurse Staffing Collaborative (ONSC) was formed to provide a safe table where nurses share best practices, evaluate staffing challenges and opportunities, and create new methods of nurse staffing that strengthen the partnership between nurses, patients and families and other health care team members.

SB 469: (click here to view) Oregon's Nurse Staffing Law final rules

Nurse Staffing Workshop

All presentations and handouts for the Feb. 2, 2017 Nurse Staffing Workshop held in Lebanon, Oregon are posted here for your convenience.

ONSC Membership & Meetings

ONSC Charter - Revised May 2017

2017 ONSC Membership 2017 ONSC Meeting Dates
Feb. 3, 2016 ONSC meeting minutes May 4, 2016 ONSC meeting minutes Aug. 3, 2016 ONSC meeting minutes
Nov. 2, 2016 meeting minutes Jan, 4, 2017 ONSC meeting minutes  
Webcast Material

June 6, 2017: Implementation of Oregon Nurse Staffing Law

May 9, 2017: Oregon Nurse Staffing Audit - Being Prepared

Nov. 9, 2016: Culture of Safety-Fatigue Management Guidelines for Direct Patient Care Staff

Join the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Nurse Staffing Listserv

The OHA Nurse Staffing Listserv is used to send announcements and information regarding hospital nurse staffing rules and related events put on by the Health Facility Licensing and Certification Program at the OHA.

To be added to the listserv: Please email your request to, with "Add to Hospital Nurse Staffing Listserv" in the subject field.

OHA Nurse Staffing Landing Page

The OHA provides a comprehensive webpage on nurse staffing activities and resources.

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ONSC Toolkit

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For more information about the Oregon Nurse Staffing Collaborative, contact Danielle Meyer at