Economic Impact

In 2017, EcoNorthwest released "The Economic Contributions of Oregon Community Hospitals" report, which outlined the economic contributions of Oregon's hospitals on the state's economy. Using the latest available data at the time (2015), the report provided a number of key highlights, including:

  • Hospitals in Oregon directly provided 62,278 full- and part-time jobs in 2015. This direct employment is linked to another 55,254 jobs in other sectors of the Oregon economy. In total, hospitals in Oregon are associated with 117,532 full- and part-time jobs in Oregon.
    • 4.9% of Oregon jobs are supported either directly or indirectly by hospitals.
    • 2.6% of Oregon's total employment is in the hospital sector
  • One in every 20 jobs is associated with hospital operations.
  • Oregon hospitals contributed $16.4 billion in total output to Oregon's economy.
  • The hospital sector contributed $9.6 billion to Oregon's Gross State Product (GSP).
  • Hospitals generate a total of $553 million in state and local taxes.
  • Oregon hospitals have not only met their pledges to maintain community benefit contributions—they’re continuously exceeding them. Oregon hospitals provided more than $1.9 billion in community benefit contributions for 2015, an increase from 2013's contribution of  more than $1.8 billion.  

To download the entire report, click here.