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Common Credentialing Program

During the 2013 legislative session SB 604 passed, requiring the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to establish a program and database for the purpose of providing credentialing organizations access to information necessary to credential all health care practitioners in the State.

OHA created a Common Credentialing Advisory Group; representation includes health care practitioners, credentialing organizations (including hospitals), and health care regulatory boards. This 19-member advisory group provides consultation to OHA as it implements SB 604, including determining the source data that must be submitted by health care practitioners and utilized by credentialing organizations. The Advisory Group is also responsible for advising the OHA on credentialing application and submitting requirements, the process by which credentialing organizations may access the system, and the imposition of fees. This includes standards for the process of verifying credentialing information.

The CCAG has been meeting regularly since October 2013. They have developed a list of health care practitioners who would be expected to participate in a common credentialing solution, identified accrediting entity requirements for credentialing, and released a Request for Information and draft rules that are to go into effect June 30.

Common Credentialing Advisory Group meeting materials can be found on the Common Credentialing Advisory Group's website.


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