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Community Benefit

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What Is Community Benefit?

2017 OAHHS Community Benefit UpdateCommunity benefit is all the health care-related services that Oregon's community hospitals provide, without compensation, to address critical health needs in the community. These services include health services to vulnerable or underserved people; financial or in-kind support for public health programs; health education, screening, and prevention services; medical research; medical education; and more. Oregon's community hospitals provide these benefits through financial assistance, charity care and subsidies for services otherwise not available in the community.

Oregon's community hospitals and health systems are driven by a mission to provide high-quality health care that extends beyond the hospital walls. They are dedicated to promoting and improving the health of local communities and their residents by providing a range of vital services to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve. Much of what influences our health happens outside of the doctor's office - in our schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Hospitals share a common goal of improving the health of Oregonians and lowering the cost of care.

OAHHS' Community Benefit Policy Package

In March 2015, OAHHS announced a voluntary community benefit policy package. The two-part package demonstrates hospitals' commitment to the communities they serve at a time when the Affordable Care Act changes the health care landscape in Oregon.

  • Click here to view information and media coverage about the Association's Community Benefit and Charity Care policy package.

Member Resources: Hospital Community Benefit

  • Click here for information and resources about Community Benefit reporting, implementation, and the OAHHS Policy Package that was adopted by the OAHHS Board of Trustees. Note: You must be logged in to view this information.

State Community Benefit Reporting Program

Oregon hospitals collaborated to sponsor and pass House Bill 3290, which became effective in 2009. That bill requires all hospitals, regardless of tax status, to report community benefits to the state.

The first efforts at reporting this information resulted in confusion as to what was required. Inconsistent reporting standards were used and OHPR was unable to provide guidance and direction. Recognizing these problems, OAHHS chartered a task force in 2010 to resolve these issues. The task force worked with OHPR and implemented a revised reporting form which included detailed instructions and computation worksheets.

State Quarterly Report

The Oregon Office of Health System Research & Data releases an annual report on Oregon hospital community benefit data. To access the latest report, click here.

Policy Team

Sean Kolmer, MPH
Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

Danielle Meyer, MSS
Director of Public Policy

Rebecca Pawlak, MPH
Director of Public Policy