Community Benefit Task Force

OAHHS' Community Benefit Task Force was formed in 2013 with the goal of establishing a proactive, strategic and thoughtful approach to improving community health by coordinating community benefit efforts. The task force is comprised of community benefit experts from hospitals throughout the state.

Community Benefit Task Force Roster
Marty Cahill, CEO, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
Wayne Clark, Vice President of Community Relations, Legacy Health System
Dan Field, Director of Community Benefit and External Affairs, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Pamela Mariea-Nason, Executive, Community Health Division, Providence Health & Services
Peter Morgan III, Financial Analyst, Adventist Health
Maggie O'Connor, Community Benefit Specialist, St. Charles Health System
Roy Orr Jr., Director of Supply Chain Services & Business Development, Salem Health
Peter Rapp, Executive Vice President, OHSU and Executive Director, OHSU Healthcare
Paul Stewart, President & CEO, Sky Lakes Medical Center
Jenny Ulum, Community Benefit and Government Affairs Director, PeaceHealth
Catherine White, CFO, Harney District Hospital


Policy Team

Sean Kolmer, MPH
Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

Danielle Meyer, MSS
Director of Public Policy

Rebecca Pawlak, MPH
Director of Public Policy 

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