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Member Resources: Community Benefit

The success of the Affordable Care Act has had an enormous impact on hospitals' charity care expenditures across the state. But Congress anticipated this change cut hundreds of billions of dollars from planned Medicare expenditures over 10 years to help pay for the ACA. The idea was to offset hospitals' gains with these cuts.

In anticipation of the changed landscape, in February 2015, the OAHHS Board of Trustees approved a Community Benefit Policy Package, comprised of two policies chosen from a slate of five. The full slate was developed over the course of a year by the Community Benefit Task Force, with significant member input. The voluntary policy package applies to all nonprofit hospitals. The board-adopted policy provisions recommended for implementation at all Oregon hospitals are as follows:

  • A floor of 200% of the federal poverty level for free care.
  • Hospitals commit to maintain or increase current community benefit levels in aggregate (relative to multi-year average).

Although not every hospital has been able to implement each of these policies to-date, a large majority of Oregon's hospitals and health systems have done so. To this end, the Association's Board believes that telling our story around your community benefit commitments and programs is of utmost importance given current political realities.

Other policy provisions that were not adopted as part of the board action, but are now advised as beneficial are:

  • Oregon hospitals will achieve 21 days for patient notification of financial assistance determination.
  • Maximum collection limit of 20% of a family's annual household income.
  • Hospitals' community benefit to meet or exceed their estimated property tax liability.

Additional Materials - FOR INTERNAL HOSPITAL USE

Below you will find tools and resources to help tell your hospital's story around community benefit as part of this broader statewide rollout.

Community Benefit Reporting Webcast - June 22, 2016
Webcast Slides Webcast Recording
OAHHS Documents  
Community Benefit Update (16-page brochure) Talking points on the policies
Statewide public education campaign:
IRS and State Reporting
Oregon Health Authority: Community Benefit Reporting (hospital-specific community benefit reports 2010-2013, CBR-1 reporting form, instructions and definitions)
2012 State CBR Report 2013 State CBR Report
Community Benefit Reporting Form Instructions - State of Oregon IRS resource page for Schedule H form

Section 501(r) final regulations

Article: IRC Section 501(r) Requires tax Exempt Hospitals Make Modifications by Dec. 29, 2015
References Resources
Resources to Support Investment in Community Health Needs (PDF) A Guide for Planning and Reporting Community Benefit
Assessing and Addressing Community Health Needs Community Benefit: What Counts Q&A
Community Benefit Seminar - August 19, 2015

OAHHS Community Benefit Presentation

Best Practices and Trends in Community Benefit - Julie Trocchio, CHA (Slides)
Kaiser Permanente Community Fund: Where Health Begins (Slides) Final 501(r) Regulations and IRS Focus Areas - Wendy Campos, Moss Adams (Slides)
Oregon Hospitals' Commitment to Community Benefit - Peter Morgan, Adventist Health (Slides) Hospital Community Benefit Reporting Program - Stacy Delong, OHA (Slides)
Informational Webcast - March 5, 2015
Webcast Recording Webcast Slides

Policy Team

Sean Kolmer, MPH
Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

Danielle Meyer, MSS
Director of Public Policy

Rebecca Pawlak, MPH
Director of Public Policy