The dose can range from 25 mg up to 100 mg at a time. On average, Clomid course lasts for 5 days and the dose is equal to 50 mg. Proper medicine intake, in accordance with the safety instructions, will guarantee positive results and no harmful side effects.

Quality Resources

Oregon Perinatal Collaborative

The Oregon Perinatal Collaborative (OPC), a group of perinatal health care leaders in Oregon, commits to safely reduce the rate of Cesarean Sections (C-Section) births, particularly for women who haven’t delivered in this manner before. In order to safely reduce first-time C-Sections, the OPC leaders are implementing strategies for a successful birth in labor and delivery departments throughout Oregon. The OPC recommends all Oregon Providers delivering babies review and adopt these best practices strategies that will support safe deliveries in all labor units. The OPC will continue to monitor and revise these strategies for best practice on a regular basis.

Strategies for Achieving Successful Birth

Other Resources

Board of Nursing Requirements for Worksite Monitors and Supervisors 

DROP CRE Network

Standardization of Emergency Code Calls (PDF)

Oregon Partnership for Patients File Library

Nurse Staffing Library

Quality 101 Toolkit (PDF)

Guidelines: Non-payment for Serious Adverse Events (PDF)

Oregon POLST Resources (PDF)

Oregon hospital submissions to the POLST registry, 2000-2006

Recommendations for integrating POLST forms with electronic health records

National POLST Paradigm website

Emergency Preparedness: 

Region 1 Trauma Surge Plan (framework for all regions)

State and National Quality Websites
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Crisis Care Guidance

Providing a Framework for Crisis Health Care

Choosing Wisely

An initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation