Write a Letter to Your Legislator

A well written personal letter from an invested constituent is far more likely to influence a legislator than numerous form letters. Letters have added value of being kept in the official’s files for future reference.

Letters can be hand written or typed and can be sent by mail or by fax, or email when time is limited. Remember to keep your message respectful and professional.

Opening Paragraph

  • Identify yourself, your credentials and/or personal experience that pertain to the purpose of your message.
  • State the purpose of the letter. If it is regarding a specific bill, include the bill number and title.

Body of the Letter

  • Explain the issue clearly and concisely. Letters should address only one issue and be no more than one page.
  • Provide facts to support your argument give 2-3 reasons for your position on the bill or provision.
  • Clearly state the course of action you are asking of your elected official.
  • Thank the official for reading your letter and always provide your contact information including a telephone number.

OAHHS Advocacy

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Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy

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Associate Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy

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Associate Vice President for Public Affairs