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Take Action

Legislators in Salem and Washington, D.C. make strategic public policy decisions each year at the local, state, and federal levels that impact Oregon’s hospitals and health care systems – decisions that also determine the access and quality of health care provided to patients and the effectiveness of the workforce that provides the care.

Without the proper information, policy makers are at risk of making misguided decisions due to a lack of understanding of the true impact a piece of legislation will have. If legislators have the facts and understand how their decisions will affect our health care systems, patients, staff and community, we are more likely to reach our mission of fostering healthy Oregon communities.

This is why it is so important that our members of Congress and Oregon legislators hear from you, their constituents.

There are many ways to advocate for a healthier Oregon. View the action items below to learn how, with even just a few minutes, you can advocate for a healthier Oregon.

Active Campaigns

How can you become an advocate?

Get to know your legislators. 

Find out who represents your area at the state and national levels. Visit them, email them or call them when there is legislation that could affect the way your hospital cares for its patients. 

Research the issues. 

When working with legislators, it is important to give priority to the most pressing issues impacting Oregonian health.

Stay informed.

Track the pr​ogress of bills online​ and sign up our Our Health Oregon regular emails on legislation that may affect your hospital. 


Stay up-to-date on current legislation and subscribe to legislative session Monday memo newsletter.

Tell your story. 

Nothing is as powerful as your experience. Tell lawmakers that hospitals are critical to the health of Oregon's economy. Tell them what health care professionals are doing every day to make Oregon a better place to live and work.