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Press Releases

Hospitals Exceed Pledge to Maintain Community Benefit Spending

Oregon’s hospitals contributed $2.3 billion in community benefit to the communities they serve in 2017, a record amount. That comes at the same time Oregon has achieved one of the highest rates of healthcare coverage in the nation at close to 95 percent.

Hospitals Applaud Passage of Medicaid Funding Bill

OAHHS sends praise to state lawmakers, who passed HB 2010. The bill provides the bulk of the funding the state's Medicaid program for the next six years. The funding comes through a package of health care taxes, including the hospital provider tax and the commercial insurance premium tax. The bill now goes to the governor, who is expected to sign it.

Hospitals’ transparency commitment continues with updated cost data for patients

OAHHS posts new price data for common hospital procedures on the Oregon Hospital Guide website. This tool allows patients to compare prices among hospitals as they make decisions on the procedures. It's a demonstration by OAHHS of the association's commitment to transparency.