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Communities We Serve

Oregon has 62 community hospitals located across 36 counties. Our members include public and private hospitals, multi-hospital systems and stand-alone specialty hospitals and affiliated health services providers. They represent a mix of general (also called "acute care"), as well as pediatric, long-term care, and behavioral health services. More than half of Oregon's hospitals are in rural areas. Find member hospitals and hospital systems using the Oregon Hospital Map.

Community Benefit

Each day, Oregon’s community hospitals voluntarily provide programs and services beyond simply caring for the sick and injured. Driven by a mission to provide high-quality health care that extends beyond the hospital walls, they make available free and discounted care, community health services, health education, wellness programs, and more, with the goal of saving and improving lives. 

In 2015, Oregon hospitals provided more than $1.9 billion in community benefit contributions.

Hospitals are dedicated to strengthening the community by helping the Oregonians who need it most. Tens of thousands of Oregonians are served every year through voluntary community benefit programs that improve the overall quality of life. These programs help manage the health needs that are unique to each community. ​

Details about Oregon community hospitals’ contributions to their communities can be found here.


Every day, thousands of hospital employees travel to Oregon hospitals to serve the many patients walking through hospital doors for treatment.  From the office staff checking in patients to the nurses and doctors triaging and treating all types of ailments to the hardworking café workers serving food and coffee—each hospital employee performs an important role in the care and treatment of each patient and their family.

But not only do these hospital employees provide a valuable service to their community, the jobs are also hugely important to Oregon’s state economy. Both hospital jobs and hospital-related jobs (jobs that are influenced by hospital operations) account for one in 20 jobs across the state. In some parts of the state, especially in rural Oregon, that number climbs as high as one in ten jobs.
Oregon's community hospitals directly provide more than 62,000 full- and part-time jobs and are also responsible for an additional 55,254 jobs in other areas.  In total, Oregon hospitals are associated with over 117,000 full- and part-time jobs in Oregon.

4.9% of Oregon jobs are supported by hospitals. 2.6% of Oregon's total employment is in the hospital sector.

Data from the most recent year available (2015) shows that Oregon hospitals directly accounted for $9.6 billion in economic output in Oregon in 2015. Hospitals directly generated approximately $258 million in tax and fee revenue for state and local jurisdictions in 2015. State and local governments collected another $295 million in taxes from businesses that supply goods and services to hospitals.

Read the full Economic Impact Report (pdf)

Patient Safety

Oregon's community hospitals are committed to working together to share best practices and provide safe care to all patients who access their services. Oregon's hospitals are not only providing safer patient care today, but they are also gaining the knowledge and skills that will continue to benefit their communities far into the future. Hospitals are driven by a commitment to provide safe care to their patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Oregon hospitals are committed to providing the highest-quality health care services to patients.

That is why Oregon’s community hospitals participate in a number of quality improvement programs, aimed at goals like reducing patient harm, ensuring that patients are not re-admitted to a hospital after being discharged, including the patient and their families in health care decisions, reducing the cost of care, creating a safe environment for patients moving from one care setting to another, and so much more.

To find out more about Oregon hospitals’ commitment to patient safety, click here.

Rural Access

Thirty-two of Oregon’s 60 acute care hospitals are in small and rural communities. These hospitals provide essential health care services to more than one million Oregonians and are the cornerstones within the communities they serve. For most areas, they are the largest employer, offering family-wage jobs and economic stability in their towns. 

With more than 1 million Oregonians living in rural areas, Oregon’s hospitals are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality health care services

Learn more about access and rural health care in Oregon by clicking here.