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Hospitals Applaud Passage of Medicaid Funding Bill


Dave Northfield
Director of Communications
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Hospitals Applaud Passage of Medicaid Funding Bill
Lake Oswego, Ore. – February 28, 2019 – The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems applauds the bipartisan passage of HB 2010 in the Oregon Legislature today. The bill passed the Senate after the House approved it last week. HB 2010 funds a large portion of the state’s Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan, for the next six years. The funding comes through various health care taxes, which include the continuation of the hospital provider tax and a health insurance premium tax.  These elements were overwhelmingly supported by Oregonians in January 2018 with the passage of Measure 101. Hospitals continue to support this approach as a foundation to fully fund the Medicaid program.

“Oregon’s hospitals applaud the passage of HB 2010 today,” said Andy Van Pelt, executive vice president of OAHHS. “Hospitals have been supporters of the Medicaid budget for 15 years. In this biennium, via the hospital provider tax, hospitals are on track to contribute nearly 28 percent of the state funds required to fully fund the Oregon Health Plan. Given that nearly one in four Oregonians relies on Medicaid for health care coverage, hospitals feel it is deeply important that our state continues its commitment to these vulnerable families and individuals.

“The funding package passed today represents a carefully negotiated set of agreements brought forward by the Governor and further refined with a core set of stakeholders over many months prior to session. Hospitals were part of that work and feel deeply invested in ensuring that this complete package passes through the Legislature. Other components of the package will come before the Legislature in coming months and hospitals will continue to advocate for their passage to fully and sustainably fund the Medicaid program in Oregon.”

The bill now goes to Governor Brown, who is expected to sign it.