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Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon

A CHITO Whitepaper


"Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon" is a whitepaper of the multistakeholder group, the Collaborative for Health Information Technology in Oregon (CHITO). CHITO was created to align and improve the planning, execution, utility, and efficiency of Health Information Technology (HIT) with an emphasis on aligning data and analytics in Oregon.  CHITO comprises representatives from several health care entities, including the Oregon Health Leadership Council (OHLC), Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS), OCHIN, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp), and other partners. 

The whitepaper is a result of months of collaborative research to study and develop recommendations around a proliferation of hundreds of overlapping – and sometimes competing – state, federal, and commercial health care quality reporting initiatives and mandates. 

Highlights of “Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon” include the following findings:
  • There are more than 420 reporting measures from various state, federal and commercial health care programs and initiatives.
  • Many quality incentive programs have mixed results as they are not tied to best practices, are siloed among dozens of sponsors, and the results are not always available to the public.
  • Previous efforts to align measures were well-intentioned but had little success, in part because those involved did not have the authority and resources to implement changes.